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a clean piece of canvas…

So here I am, after nearly a decade away, finding myself unpacking the same boxes back to where it all started; Kingston, Ontario. I type this with a sense of ease and most definitely not feeling like I’m taking a step back but simply starting with a clean piece of canvas…

I had this dream and that was to live on the west coast, it became my reality, a beautiful one at that. I mean, I lived in what has been voted and actually is the most beautiful city in Canada, and at the top of the list of best cities in the world to live in…There really isn’t a more breathtaking view than the clear outline of the local mountains on a sunny day, the calm ocean stretching out as far as you can see over the horizon, stunning with its array of colours and the mysteries it holds, the air so fresh and crisp filled with the scent of the blossom on the trees… but for me the oceans and the mountains stopped being enough and now what matters is that I made my dream come to fruition, how many people can truly say that? I lived it and loved it and now I’m back with no regrets but simply a load of incredible memories and an expansion of my personal encyclopedia of lessons.

I am ready to start painting my clean piece of canvas and want to share my adventures of being 30, single and living in my old stomping grounds, surrounded by what I called home up until my 20’s and seeing it all from a different perspective…30 really is the new everything!

Photo: taken by yours truely


Kingston. Photo Cred: Here

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