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This time last week The Mansion in Kingston, Ontario was graced with the presence and incredible performance by the Sound of Lions. With their own spin on trip hop Sound of Lions was named “Best New Act” and “Best Album” of 2011, pretty incredible achievement since they released their album “11:44” in September of 2011.

Vocalist Whitney Delion the front woman for SOL belongs on stage, her calmness radiated through the room as she swayed her body to the beat of the music, wearing a black leather skirt representing her impeccable and expressive style, and the down to earth, grounded woman that she is. Her presence is inviting and it is difficult to keep your eyes off of her. Her distinctive voice has been compared to that of Esthero and Amy Winehouse and let me tell you it was really difficult not to get caught up and mesmerised by her melodic strains. I asked Whitney about her inspirations when writing songs and her response was as modest and humble as she is “I’m the kind of person whose mood is severely affected and reflects the weather. If it’s raining; I’m serious, when it’s sunny; I feel light. I’m most prone to write during a storm as it makes everything seem much more momentous.  However, I wrote ‘Enders’ on the first incredibly beautiful spring day; after months of living under grey skies, it was a huge relief to see the sun.” What a perfect representation of the flow of their music and how the lyrics explore and represent a variety of elements.

The band as a whole vibed incredibly well and the mutual respect for one another was quite apparent. Marco Campagna balanced depth and control pounding on the drums in the background, bassist Joel Soucy swayed like a hook between the beats and the melody, guitarist/back up vocalist Will Assaad’s sounds were sharp, clean and blended seamlessly, and beat maker Christian Awad added quite the spark of modern originality to the eclectic sounds, each one of the members added layers of depth to every song.

Their set was flawless, short and very sweet, amongst the eight tracks they managed to fit in was a classic Ace of Base cover “All that she wants” it was the perfect down tempo version of the hit track and I don’t think it was about bringing it back but more about Whitney making it her own, and that she did – she owned it.

The above is one of my personal favourites; “Passive Attack” I have watched this version more times than I even want to admit. Each time my emotions get the best of me and send goose bumps that reach my soul. I’ve been a fan since they’ve combined forces but have never had the pleasure of seeing them before my naked eye until last week. The feeling that I have watching their videos transpired while watching their performance. The passion for their music is so evident that you can feel it!  If you ever have the opportunity to see this five – piece band live I would highly recommend you don’t pass it up, trust me their sounds will stay within you and I’m really looking forward to watching them blossom.

Sound of Lions will be performing at Zaphod’s 20th Anniversary celebration in Ottawa on Friday, March 9.

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The answer is YES – I am going to Coachella in exactly… 

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In honour of what is going to be an epic festival and my love for music I have decided to post an ‘artist a day.’  A perfect opportunity for me to learn and share some of the artists that I am yearning for from the 2012 line up…so I invite you to read my opinions and listen to my fave tracks…the page gets updated daily so keep checking the Coachella tab above for updates!

pinboard of fun…

There is one pill that is kind of getting hard for me to swallow – I’m finding that there is a serious lack of excitement in this city! Also a lack of resources to find that excitement, perhaps I just haven’t stumbled upon that pinboard of pegs; full of things to do for someone who is neither a student or rooted down with a family.  Don’t get me wrong I am not losing hope and am patiently waiting for some guidance…in the meantime I have vowed to create my own fun (hence this blog) and now I vow to make this my personal resource and pinboard full of fun and excitement…perhaps a place for others like me to get ideas for things to do!

I spent my first few weeks back job hunting and am sure many of you can attest to the fact that – that within itself is a full-time job.  I feel the need to mention that sadly I’ve lost touch with a lot of my childhood buddies and those that I’ve stayed close with have moved away and are spread all throughout the country so finding ways to entertain myself has become a bit of a struggle but a necessity to my sanity.

I will be updating my Pinboard every time I do something worth talking about – check it out on the regular!

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