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unsigned #24 contest

The Unsigned #24 contest is now over, thank you to everyone who popped in to check it out and a huge CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU to Jennifer Boyle my first official contest winner!!

She’s getting tickets to the show as well as a goodie bag courtesy of Steam Whistle

Please check back for some of my post show thoughts…coming soon. 

Thank you Steam Whistle, for offering us the fruits of your labour, day in and day out!

You really haven’t tasted a Pilsner until you’ve tasted a Steam Whistle, it is delicate enough to fit everyone’s palate, and its distinctive, crisp taste keeps one yearning for more! Steam Whistle uses the finest traditional techniques, based on European brewing standards, and is brewed fresh and locally at their independent Canadian brewery in Toronto, ON.

Not only is Steam Whistle serving a divine beer they are also incredibly committed to being more than just a brewery. They are very dedicated to their community, they sponsor hundreds of charitable and cultural organizations and events, not only that but they stand true to supporting independent Canadian talent and I am starting to see their name tied to many incredible raw Canadian artists.

Unsigned #24

This indie music concert series is currently in its 5th year and brought to you by Steam Whistle Brewing Co. The the last one of 2012 will be going off with a bang with a solid line-up including Digits, Babe, and Beta Frontiers…

check out the website for more about the artists:

…if the line up isn’t enough how about knowing that the ticket sales are going back to the community through the Artists’ Health Alliance. Well played Steam Whistle!

It’s my first Unsigned and my dancing shoes have been polished, I’ve sharpened all of pencils and am looking forward to checking out a show inside the brewery! So let’s get colourful.

Speaking of Steam Whistle they have kindly hooked me up with a pretty awesome swag bag which includes 2 tickets to Unsigned #24 on November 16, along with a couple “refreshment” tickets and some pretty cool Steam Whistle and Unsigned Swag!!! If you want in on the action please follow the very simple directions below for your chance to enter into the draw, by the way did I mention you get a chance to hang with me 😉

**Here is what you have to do to enter your name to win an awesome swag bag full full of goodies and 2 tickets to Unsigned#24 courtesy of Steam Whistle. It’s quite simple you can do EITHER one of the following**

1. tweet the following: “I want to see______________@SteamWhistle #Unsigned24 @miss1613”

2. tweet the following: “I drink my Steam Whistle from a ______”@SteamWhistle @miss1613” I’ll throw in an extra ballot with your name if you tell me WHY you enjoy drinking it that way.

If you don’t have a twitter account, and I promise to not pass judgements. please comment below and tell me about your FIRST experience with Steam Whistle, through your eyes in as many characters as you think fit your style.

I strongly encourage all entries to use creativity and the thought or best case scenario actual taste of a delicious, cold and refreshing Steam Whistle in your mouth while you compose your answer!

I’ll be doing the draw on Monday, November 12 at midnight I look forward to reading your entries and the possibility of seeing YOU at the show!!


music is my boyfriend…

I’m not sure how obvious this may be but I kind of have a really deep, passionate and genuine love for music. I don’t think I actually experience too many real moments where my ears aren’t being taken advantage of by deep vibrations or slamming bass. I wake up to music, I fall asleep to music, it’s more than my boyfriend it’s the religion of my day-to-day. In fact a day without music is rare for me and actually makes me feel quite empty and cold inside. I also strongly believe that everyone has or at the least should have a soundtrack to their lives.  I’ve got mine and I intend to keep it, like a child keeps their blanky and in some cases like an adult would. Simply put music is my boyfriend and quite frankly the only constant in my life and I feel is fitting for the perfect new addition to this canvass! I will be updating it on the regular with all of the cool and perhaps not so cool shows I get to attend, stay tuned.


street art tour…

I’m having quite the love affair and it’s with Toronto and during my most recent visit to the city I decided to cross something off of my bucket list; a self-navigated street art tour. I walked through what felt like a magical kingdom within a never-ending art gallery full of beautifully scratched, sprayed and painted art. The walls, billboards, doors, surfaces and streets illuminated the city with signs of life, it made me think of the beginning of this adventure when I mentioned that I’m starting with a clean piece of canvas but clearly this time the writing was on the wall.

In many places, including Toronto this kind of art is considered defacement and vandalism, this is a whole other topic that I am not about to get into, as my appreciation for the artists and their creative ability to express themselves and their emotions through their art outweighs any political battle. I enjoyed every second of my street art tour of Toronto with my bestie by my side, although our fingers were frost-bitten by the day’s end we both felt inspired, cultured and a part of something that was and will be slightly beyond our comprehension.

While I was snapping away with my iPhone I realised that I really didn’t know that much about street art or graffiti. I mean, I get the jist but I also know that there is a defined difference between both, but is it a big one? As part of the adventure I decided to do some digging and found out that it’s quite common for people to not know, in fact it’s also common for the two to be grouped but the differences exist and are much clearer to me now…

Street art vs. graffiti: the definitions actually vary from person to person and location to location, the confusion of the meaning of both is made worse by the fact that they are largely media fed and along with that comes a lot of misconception.

Graffiti is essentially a text-based art form, with tagging (the act of writing ones personalized signature) at its core. The movement originated in the late 70’s and is most commonly associated with spray paint and marker pens, although it can include any medium applied to any surface, naturally with graffiti writing came the street art movement. Street art encompasses many other media and techniques, including: LED art, mosaic tiling, murals, stencil art, sticker art, street installations, and so on, both are essentially part of the same game in the long run. Street art seems to be the lighter version but with the awkward illegal bits removed. So when you see graffiti on the side of a train, it has almost certainly been made illegally if the work is on the wall, however, its legality is much harder to determine as its relatively easy to get permission to paint a wall. Let’s face it, all illegal art is a protest of some kind; as such it’s also a political act, in minor instances people are risking fines, in extreme cases imprisonment is enforced because of an artist having a voice, how screwed up is our world?! Again the definitions vary and the above is simply my understanding of it.

I feel obliged to add that I’m a big fan of Banksy, he’s got a very distinctive technique and I appreciate his use of dark humour, his pieces are featured throughout the world and sadly I have yet to see his work with my naked eye but doing a Banksy worldwide art tour is definitely on my bucket list. Interestingly enough we stumbled upon a series of pieces by an artist from Toronto who has a similar style and also likes to maintain his low-key identify and goes by the name of Deadboy, he wears a mask and has been known to make Rob Ford look like quite the fool through his work. I really liked his style and wish we saw more of it, but a lot of his pieces were covered up and sadly the sun came down and our fun for the day was over… all the more reason and motivation for me to do a part two of this tour as there are many more hidden alleys with incredible gems within!

I invite you to check out my gallery featuring Deadboy and various artists who I imagine are local and beyond…I truly hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

a clean piece of canvas…

So here I am, after nearly a decade away, finding myself unpacking the same boxes back to where it all started; Kingston, Ontario. I type this with a sense of ease and most definitely not feeling like I’m taking a step back but simply starting with a clean piece of canvas…

I had this dream and that was to live on the west coast, it became my reality, a beautiful one at that. I mean, I lived in what has been voted and actually is the most beautiful city in Canada, and at the top of the list of best cities in the world to live in…There really isn’t a more breathtaking view than the clear outline of the local mountains on a sunny day, the calm ocean stretching out as far as you can see over the horizon, stunning with its array of colours and the mysteries it holds, the air so fresh and crisp filled with the scent of the blossom on the trees… but for me the oceans and the mountains stopped being enough and now what matters is that I made my dream come to fruition, how many people can truly say that? I lived it and loved it and now I’m back with no regrets but simply a load of incredible memories and an expansion of my personal encyclopedia of lessons.

I am ready to start painting my clean piece of canvas and want to share my adventures of being 30, single and living in my old stomping grounds, surrounded by what I called home up until my 20’s and seeing it all from a different perspective…30 really is the new everything!

Photo: taken by yours truely


Kingston. Photo Cred: Here

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