new decade. new city. new job. new adventure.

music is my boyfriend…

I’m not sure how obvious this may be but I kind of have a really deep, passionate and genuine love for music. I don’t think I actually experience too many real moments where my ears aren’t being taken advantage of by deep vibrations or slamming bass. I wake up to music, I fall asleep to music, it’s more than my boyfriend it’s the religion of my day-to-day. In fact a day without music is rare for me and actually makes me feel quite empty and cold inside. I also strongly believe that everyone has or at the least should have a soundtrack to their lives.  I’ve got mine and I intend to keep it, like a child keeps their blanky and in some cases like an adult would. Simply put music is my boyfriend and quite frankly the only constant in my life and I feel is fitting for the perfect new addition to this canvass! I will be updating it on the regular with all of the cool and perhaps not so cool shows I get to attend, stay tuned.



Comments on: "music is my boyfriend…" (1)

  1. Perks are totally awesome! Can’t wait to read about all the crazy things you get up to!

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