new decade. new city. new job. new adventure.

pinboard of fun…

There is one pill that is kind of getting hard for me to swallow – I’m finding that there is a serious lack of excitement in this city! Also a lack of resources to find that excitement, perhaps I just haven’t stumbled upon that pinboard of pegs; full of things to do for someone who is neither a student or rooted down with a family.  Don’t get me wrong I am not losing hope and am patiently waiting for some guidance…in the meantime I have vowed to create my own fun (hence this blog) and now I vow to make this my personal resource and pinboard full of fun and excitement…perhaps a place for others like me to get ideas for things to do!

I spent my first few weeks back job hunting and am sure many of you can attest to the fact that – that within itself is a full-time job.  I feel the need to mention that sadly I’ve lost touch with a lot of my childhood buddies and those that I’ve stayed close with have moved away and are spread all throughout the country so finding ways to entertain myself has become a bit of a struggle but a necessity to my sanity.

I will be updating my Pinboard every time I do something worth talking about – check it out on the regular!


Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions?

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